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Fortune Kacchi Ghnai & Soyabean Oil

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About the Product Kachi Ghani Pure Mustard Oil:-

1. Fortune Premium Kachi Ghani Pure Mustard Oil, traditionally extracted from the first press of mustard seeds, comes with a high pungency level and strong aroma.

2. Being pure, our cooking oil retains its natural properties and mustard oil benefits.

3. Its strong aroma and pungency will spice up your cooking.


1. Made from Cold Pressed (Kachi Ghani) Technology using Finest Mustard Seeds - Rich in Omega 3 & 6 that boost Immunity
2. Rich in Vitamins A,E and Beta Carotene
3. Naturally Cholesterol Free
4. High in PUFA (Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acids)
5. High Pungency and Strong Aroma - Mustard Oil with Long Shelf Life

Nutritional Facts:-

Fat - 100g, Mono Unsaturated Faty Acids - 66g, Energy - 900 cals.


About the Product Soya Bean Oil:-

Fortune Soya Health Oil is processed with next-generation High Absorbent Refining Technology (H.A.R.T). So, your everyday meals not only taste better but also make your Bones stronger and your Heart and Eyes healthier.


Refined Soyabean Oil, Permitted Antioxidant TBHQ (E-319), Vitamin A & Vitamin D.

Nutritional Facts:-

Energy - 900 Kcal; Carbohydrates, Protein - 0g; Cholestrol - 0g; Fat - 100g; Saturated Fatty Acid NMT*- 16g; Mono Unsaturated Fatty Acid NMT* - 22g; Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acid NMT* - 2g; Added Vitamin A @ 2500 I.U#/ 750 mcg**; Added Vitamin A @ 450 I.U#/ 11.25 mcg** (*NMT = Not more than, # I.U stands for International Units; **mcg stands for microgram; @ at the time of packing.


Manufactured through H.A.R.T. Process and it's a safe, pure, healthy oil which contains the Rich amount of Omega 3 which helps to maintain a healthy heart.

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